Di Blasi Associati

From 1980 to 1990 he had been one of the closest partners of Renzo Piano. In 1990 he established his practice.
Professor at Politecnico di Milano, since 2015 he is tutor at G124, the italian senate team coordinated by senator Renzo Piano focused on urban rehabilitation projects.
Ottavio Di Blasi thinks that size doesn’t matter. He is used to design small products as well as big and complex public and private buildings such as universities and stations. He has been practicing in many countries: Australia, Switzerland, USA, Senegal, Ghana, Singapore, Hong Kong, Libya and Oman.
At the basis of Ottavio Di Blasi’s practice are a number of long-term goals that set the quality in the design process: designing high quality architectural objects always associated to social and cultural significance.
Promoting the design process as a humanistic synthesis between technical, economical and socio-cultural issues always putting the human being at the center; implementing the progress of the construction techniques through the use of innovative technologies and the search for meaningful implementation details; develop conscious projects that put in first place the planet’s energy and environmental issues; encourage through the rehabilitation and the transformation of the historic building artifacts inspiring the reuse and the layering of significance.