Luca Colombo

He attended the courses of the Architecture Faculty at the Politecnico University of Milan. He has
collaborated with the office of the architect Carlo Bartoli. In 1996, he became the coordinator of the
Colombo Design designer team, with whom he develops projects – particularly the design of handles for doors and windows – assesses their feasibility and marketability.
His creations are the handles Taipan (1997), Talita (1999), Milla (2000), Olly (2007), Trama (2015), Alba (2016), all positively acquainted from the general and expertise public, confirming Luca Colombo as a key Designers of the Colombo Design products.
Luca Colombo is the designer also of the successful series Look (2004), Lulù (2008), BasiqQ (2013) and Forever (2014), designed with his usual determination and precision essential characteristics for architectural plan design.