Designing and manufacturing the most beautiful handles in the world

Colombo Design is the Italian leading manufacturer of flush handles for retractable doors and outer wall doors. The handle is an important element of the door, a precious detail that highlight its style and define its character.

Although less flashy than traditional handles, flush handles for sliding doors must fit into the environment in terms of shape and finish. The Colombo Design catalogue offers: round or oval handles– the ideal solution for classic style doors – as well as square or rectangular handles that best fit modern and contemporary environments.

The catalogue offers a wide range of models, which vary according to installation requests: from the classic kits composed of two groove handles and flush handle, to the kits composed of two groove handles with thumb turn and flush handle, up to the handles in the form of a tray with or without a key hole

Flush handles play an important role in highlighting the style of sliding doors and represent a perfect combination of elegance and function. Twelve are the finishes proposed by Colombo Design: polished chrome, matt chrome, oroplus, matt gold, Hps zirconium gold, bronze, matt black, matt white, vintage, matt vintage, graphite and matt graphite.

The Antologhia® collection includes flush handles for antique doors, models of the past recreated and reinterpreted by the Colombo Design style to integrate perfectly in rustic environments or historic buildings.