Traveling Design

Bold Valencia

by Pio & Tito Toso Lab for Colombo Design © designboom

The concept of a handle extends far beyond its purpose of solely opening and closing doors. This fixture is a symbol of moving past a boundary line — the door-as-obstacle motif is representative of a limit between two worlds, the handle being the necessary tool to traverse into a new plane of being. The Colombo Design door handles embody two points of significance: one visionary and the other tactile. When the latter interpretation takes precedent over the first, it exists as its own being, which is the hidden ‘esprit’ of all things. The designboom still-life series celebrates both the dynamic quality of the door handle in the foreground in combination with the beauty observed just beyond the piece in what is ultimately a surrealistic visualization of a traveling artifact. the atmosphere is captured so authentically that one can practically touch it.