Traveling Design

Twitty Sardinia

by Tomo Kimura for Colombo design © designboom

The lever, knob or button affixed to the surface of a closed portal waiting to be opened may be recognized by scholars and philosophers to be representative of an individual’s capacity to cross a threshold and plunge into the next adventure in his or her life. The symbol of a door handle, is one of endless potential or possibilities to the person who will utilize it. this object rests at a set point in space upon an easily moved barrier standing as the mechanism to reveal to the user what world lies beyond the limit line. The colombo design door handle embodies two points of significance: one visionary and the other tactile. When the latter interpretation takes precedent over the former, the object may journey away from its resting place to exist in a setting free its own function. This next installation of designbooms’ still-life photographic series celebrates both the studied yet organic form of the ‘twitty’ handle in the foreground while also recognizing the natural beauty observed just beyond the door lever in what is ultimately a surrealistic visualization of a traveling artifact.