The classic world

Antologhia collection

The handles of the past recreated by Colombo Design

Antologhia® is Colombo Design heritage collection. Antologhia® antique door handles are the result of a selective search among the models of the past and of a very careful design review. They are more than just a return to the past, they are fascinating machines of the time.

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Embellished with vintage elements, these antique handles are perfect for different living solutions, from the classic Tuscan farmhouse to the Victorian-style dwelling, from the country-chic apartment to the historic buildings.
The antique handles for doors and windows produced by Colombo Design have a precise historical connotation and the names take their inspiration from a precise era. They are the ideal accessory that allows you to refine and complete your classic style furniture.

Antique handles for door and window

The collection includes: antique doors handles, handles for antique doorways, flush handles and pulls for classic doorways, antique door knobsfurniture knobsdoor knockers for entrance doors, toilet roses and complements.

The proposed finishes have been designed to adapt perfectly to the environments in which they are placed: bronze not lacquered, lacquered bronze, lacquered satin bronze, natural silver not lacquered, natural brass not lacquered, lacquered polished brass, chrome, natural nickel not lacquered.