A world full of colors

MOOD Collection

Much more than a collection. A new way of presenting and conceiving the handle.

Color is the protagonist, with its ability to express the sentiment of those who choose it and to shape the environment, enriching it with visual stimulations from the people who live in this environment.
A range of 12 colors is available, carefully selected to define the mood of an environment, as well as the style of a door or window through tone-on-tone or contrasting combinations.

The high quality of the material and the use of latest generation paints are the expression of a renewed commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the waste of resources, factors that allow the warranty of this collection to be extended to 10 years.
White, Bronze, Black, Silver, Ocean Blue, Strawberry Red, Sunset Orange, Lemon Yellow, Claret Violet, Titan, Lime Green, Capri Blue: 12 colors for 12 significant stages of a 30-year journey projected towards the future.

So there is no limit to creativity: “we are up to all sorts of things … and colors”!

Tracing the history of Colombo Design from 1990 to 2020, we have identified the years that have decisively marked our company’s development, associating each of them with one color from those proposed.
The design is also new: “One” and “OneQ” are the first two models of the collection, designed by Colombo Design.
Handles with soft and clean lines, which can be easily declined in all RAL color variants.
MOOD Collection is a complete collection: in combination with the handles for doors and windows , the collection also includes toilet roses2 kits for sliding doors, a pull without roses and a pull-up handle, available with round escutcheon (“One” model), or with square escutcheon (“OneQ” model).