Paolo Pininfarina

The company was set up in 1930 and, Pininfarina’s business was based on constructing special bodywork designs, made in one-off pieces or as part of a very limited series. After the end of the Second World War, with the introduction of mass production, Pininfarina knew exactly what was needed to expand, resulting in the introduction of the latest structures and technological means.
Today, Pininfarina is an industrial group with more than 2,700 employees, a production level of approximately 50,000 units per year and a turnover of around 1,300 billion lira. The Chairman of the Group is Cavaliere Del Lavoro Sergio Pininfarina, the second member of the family to receive the Italian Compasso d’Oro Award for his career.
In 1986, the Pininfarina Group opened a new associated concern, Pininfarina Extra, run by Paolo Pininfarina, expressly dedicated to Product Design, which carries out research into the various fields of industrial design without ever losing sight of its cultural and industrial roots. It is precisely from this long experience that the origins of two series of products “Daytona” and “Tank”, designed for Colombo Design, derive.