Colombo Design’s Mood Collection is enriched with 4 new products designed to enhance the range of door solutions: FIXED DOOR KNOBS (Fixed Knob One, Fixed Knob OneQ) and BLIND DOOR KITS (Escutcheon with undercarriage and Knob for opening limiter)


1. Fixed Knob One – This colourful fixed knob is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. Made from high-quality materials, the One Fixed Knob fits perfectly on any door, adding a touch of style and character to any room. Its simple installation makes it an ideal choice for renewing the look of doors.

2. OneQ Fixed Knob– The OneQ Fixed Pommel is a variant of our One Fixed Pommel, enhanced with a unique, modern design. Its square shape adds a touch of originality and minimalism to its surroundings. This fixed knob is available in a range of finishes and colours to suit any furnishing style.


3. Rose supplied with undercostruction – Our new rose supplied with undercostruction is designed to improve durability and aesthetics. Made of durable materials, it protects the door surface from scratches and wear, while its elegant design adds a touch of class. This practical solution is perfect for those looking for added protection and aesthetic detailing. Protect with style.

4. Opening Limiter Knob – The Opening Limiter Knob is the ideal solution for providing security and flexibility in opening armoured doors. This device allows you to safely limit the opening of your security door, protecting your home from unwanted intruders and ensuring proper ventilation. It is an indispensable accessory for those seeking peace of mind in their home. Colour as an expression of style!

“Our mission has always been to offer high quality products that meet our customers’ needs,” said José Colombo, Area manager of the handles department at Colombo Design. “With the introduction of these new products, we continue our commitment to providing innovative and functional door solutions that add aesthetic and practical value to any environment.”

The new Mood Collection products are available from our authorised dealers.


For professionals, Colombo Design has created a series of presentation supports, including the Mood Box, a sample box with folding opening and magnetic closure containing 6 One handles and 6 OneQ handles; the Mood Box Dk, which includes 4 handles with the DK system; the Mood Board, consisting of six forex display panels equipped with hooks for wall installation; and the Mood Folder, a folder with Mood Collection finishes.

With the Mood Collection, Colombo Design breaks new ground in the world of handles, combining design with the art of colour to create a unique interior design experience. Whether you are a professional or a design enthusiast, this collection is destined to become a source of inspiration and innovation: colour to ideas


MOOD COLLECTION by Colombo Design a real way of presenting and interpreting the handle as never before. The undisputed protagonist is the vast range of colours, capable of expressing the feelings of those who choose them and of transforming environments into stimulating visual expressions of the personality of those who inhabit them.

With 12 carefully selected colours, the Mood Collection offers a variety of options to define the mood of a room or the style of a door or window frame, allowing tone-on-tone or contrasting combinations. Moreover, Colombo Design offers the possibility of customising Mood Collection products by choosing colours from the RAL chart. The quality of the materials and the use of state-of-the-art paints testify to the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the waste of resources, thus guaranteeing a collection with an extended 10-year warranty.

The available colours, including White, Bronze, Black, Silver, Ocean Blue, Strawberry Red, Sunset Orange, Lemon Yellow, Claret Violet, Titan, Lime Green and Capri Blue, represent significant milestones in Colombo Design’s 30-year journey into the future. There are no limits to creativity: “we do it in all colours!”

But the Mood Collection is not just an explosion of colour: it is also an explosion of design. ‘One’ and ‘OneQ’ are the first two models in the collection, designed by Colombo Design, characterised by soft, clean lines that perfectly match all RAL colour variants.

The Mood Collection offers a complete range of products:

  • handles for doors and windows,
  • pawls for bathroom doors,
  • 2 sliding door kits,
  • a handle without rosettes
  • a pull handle for lift and slide doors.

Each model is available with either a rosette and round escutcheon (‘One’ model) or with a rosette and square escutcheon (‘OneQ’ model).