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Complementi per il bagno in un'inedita veste bianca? Perché no! Bathroom accessories in a new white dress? Why not! Although the polished and brushed treatments have long been the undisputed sovereign of the bathroom, here are two new finishes for the collection Look: black and opaque white. For...

LOOK (design: Luca Colombo)

Gli accessori bagno della collezione “Look” si tingono di nero. Gli accessori da bagno in finitura nera racchiudono la raffinatezza di un colore intramontabile nella moda e nelle tendenze di arredo, grazie alla sua carica evocativa sobria e pura. Una tonalità misteriosa, sofisticata, elegante.

Hermitage, the classic line

Precious forms and soft curves generate the HERMITAGE collection, specifically designed for elegant and prestigious bathrooms. Hermitage catalogue This line is inspired by past classical styles and renewed for the modern needs of today’s living, creating rich and sophisticated atmospheres. To create the perfect combination...