NEWSLETTER n'13CR3 PROJECT is not a simple catalogue, but it’s the expression of the wish of 3 companies leader in their own sector to share a service objective for Professionals’ projects.
Generally in the bathroom accessories, taps and towel warmers are independent and uncoordinated products, and the professionals find difficulties in choosing coherent products and looses a lot of time.
With CR3 PROJECT 3 main “Chromes” of bathroom are selected and coordinated by the 3 leader productive companies: COLOMBO DESIGN (Accessories), DELTACALOR (Towel warmers), FIMACARLO FRATTINI (taps) with direct warranty by the producers and with the opportunity of choice from their wide range of high quality products and finitures “Made in Italy”. Enjoy discovering the mail 3 “Chromes” of bathroom coordinated to increase your Project value.

Minimal Circle Line Cr3 Project with Plus series by Colombo Design
Standing glass holder and soap dispenser (Hermitage series by Colombo Design)
Hook  (Look series by  Colombo Design)
Shell and towel holder (Look series by Colombo Design)
Classic line Cr3 Project with Hermitage series by Colombo Design