Colombo Design’s new Collection gives space to color and creativity…stay tuned!

Step 1. Mood Board no. 1: Silver & Lemon Yellow

Grey and Yellow. Two different but complementary shades, protagonists in fashion and design 2021 collections.
Their juxtaposition highlights how different elements can unite and support each other. The solidity of grey combined with the brightness of yellow generates a perfect blend of strength and optimism.
Could we have ignored it? We combined silver with lemon yellow.
Have a look at the video below.

Step 2. Mood Board no. 2: Lime Green & Sunset Orange

Let’s play with colors to express our #mood, our #emotions#LimeGreen  and  #Sunsetorange. Two secondary colors: the balance and confidence of green with the energy and vitality of orange. Look at the “MOOD Board no. 2” video!

Step 3. Mood Board no. 3: Claret Violet & Ocean Blue

#ClaretViolet & #BlueOcean are the protagonists of this new combination. The result is a feeling of confidence and security, calm and spirituality.

Step 4. Mood Board no. 4: Titan & Bronze

#Titan & #Bronze: two colors that bring to mind metals and metal alloys. Colors linked to the earth, its elements and which refer respectively to Anodic Black (Ral 7021) and Anodic Brown (Ral 8014). “Mood Collection” is coming …..

Step 5. Mood Board no. 5: Capri Blue & Strawberry Red

Step 6. Mood Board no. 6: Black & White

Black & #White: the chromatic opposition par excellence. The light and the dark, the bright and the night. These are the two colors chosen for the latest preview color combination of the new Colombo Design collection. Ral 9005 and Ral 9016.

“Mood Collection” is coming… .. visit Colombo Design website from April 16th to discover it.

Stay tuned!