The PVD finish (acronym of Physical Vapor Deposition) is a process of the highest technological level which, through the physical vapor deposition of a thin film of extraordinary hardness, allows to obtain a surface coating with exceptional aesthetic and technical characteristics.

The aspect of greatest interest to the user concerns the quality and durability of the product purchased. The PVD process is in fact a special treatment (High Protection System) and is used to offer stable color tones over time and to guarantee products with high surface hardness, inalterability against UV rays, resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion.

This innovative and green technology has been used in Colombo Design since 2000 for the realization of special finishes both on the handles and on a selection of bathroom accessories collections.

The new “PVD Collection”

Important innovations have been introduced in Colombo Design catalog during 2019 and, in addition to the 4 PVD finishes already present in the catalog, (Oroplus – Matt Gold – Zirconium gold – Zirconum Stainless Steel), 4 new chromatic shades are now proposed, in line with interior design trends: Graphite – Matt Graphite – Vintage – Matt Vintage.

The elegance and refinement of these special finishes, combined with two of the most representative collections of Colombo Design, gave rise to the “PVD collection”, the latest innovation launched within the bathroom accessories division.

The bathroom accessories of the “Look” collection, designed by Luca Colombo, and the “Plus” collection, designed by Piet Billekens, are now available in these four new PVD finishes that allow architects and interior designers to design and furnish the bathroom environment coordinating bathroom accessories with taps and shower profiles.

All Colombo Design products supplied in the 8 special PVD finishes, due to their technical properties, are guaranteed by the company up to 30 years.

Download the new “PVD Collection” brochure:

The Colombo Design 16 finishes

The Colombo Design finishes, flagship of the company’s production, are the result of rigorous research and constant quality control. The extensive catalog offers handles and bathroom accessories available in 16 finishes including: chrome, matt chrome, antique brass, bronze, antique bronze, oroplus, matt gold, nickel, matt black and matt white.

Watch and download the Colombo Design finishes pdf.