A bathroom furnished to perfection must not have only sanitary, tap and furniture, but also accessories that, if tastefully chosen and properly coordinated, make the bathroom a real room. Let Colombo Design help you!

However, modern houses bathrooms have ever smaller size, reason why, to use them in a practical and functional way, the location of each component is extremely important.

Accessories form an essential part of the bathroom and, contributing to user’s wellness and comfort, is important to make sure they are located ergonomically and at the right height.

Another essential aspect is their coherence, not only with the style of the bathroom, but also with the style of the house. Otherwise, our eye notices the lack of harmony of colours, shapes and materials.

Keep in mind

In people’s mind if a product has a famous brand, quality and aesthetic are always guaranteed. But actually, it is not.

You don’t need expensive furniture and brand objects to have a designer bathroom. If finishes, furniture and accessories are correctly matched the desired result is not guaranteed.

Key word: criterion. Choosing with criterion and correctly combining elements you will be able to amaze your guests. Let’s try!

Bathroom accessories can make the difference

Many are the bathroom accessories that allow us to play and stimulate our creativity, among which:

  • Towel rack
  • Standing soap dish holder
  • Standing glass holder
  • Standing soap dispenser
  • Roll holder

Colombo Design with its stunning collections can guide you in this amazing journey. What matter is to know where to place every accessory… let’s start!

Towel rack

Towel rack is the accessory where is placed the towel. Generally, the bathroom set contains 3:

  • Big for the shower
  • Medium for face and hands
  • Little for bidet

The most frequently used are the ones installed on the wall that can be of different types:

  • Bar
  • Hook
  • Ring-shaped

The important aspect is to install them properly to last in time.

The chosen position is the one close to the respective sanitary and it change according to the type of towel.

Standing soap disher, standing glass holder and standing soap dispenser

Sink accessories are generally sold matched and they form a set. There are in every shape, colour and material, so you are spoilt for choice.

Standing soap disher, standing glass holder and standing soap dispenser, whatever their shape is, have a different collocation according to the type of the sink. For a classic, column or wall-mounted sink they must be installed on the sides of the wall; instead for sink equipped with spacious furniture is possible to choose the lean version.

Roll holder

The roll holder is used to put the toilet roll and it must be places close to the wc. The choice of the position depends on the available space.

We have different types of roll holder: the classic solution is the niche one, but in the most frequent cases it is installed on the wall to a minimum height between 40 and 60 cm from the ground.

And know you became an expert… let’s visit our web site and choose the perfect collection for you!

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