Have you just come back from an amazing relaxing stay and you are surrounded by a mix of emotions between joy and melancholy? You get close to the door and do you find out that is open? Unfortunately, many Italians experience these unpleasant episodes.

Often, we wonder how to prevent from theft but, do we really do anything to avoid them? Here some practical advice.

Summer is the hottest period even for theft, especially in apartments. July and August have an average of 25% of annual theft, with peaks of 15% in August.

Be careful to geolocate yourself!

Exoduses definitely play an important role in their summer increase and it is not difficult to imagine why. With the advent of social media, people that don’t announce or public their holidays are now very few, helping so thieves to project their break-in. This is absolutely one of the first things to avoid.

Protect yourself with technology

Thanks to continuous technology development, home automation systems and security systems we can simulate the presence of someone in the house or call in security immediately when the alarm sounds. The most useful advice, though, remains to increase passive security in your house by choosing for example a more difficult password that could cause difficulties to thieves or by equipping itself with:

  • Shatterproof glass
  • Steel railings
  • European bit
  • Security door with security set
  • Window security set

Window security sets by Colombo Design

Colombo Design pays particular attention to the security of its clients. It offers, in fact, 2 windows security sets:

  • DK Lock with key-locked security DK window handle set, with minimal space requirement and suitable for all handles. DK mechanism included. Equipped with 1627:2011 certification
  • DK Z is a perfect alternative to DK Lock cut, without key-locked security.

If in these the main goal is home security, Colombo Design also offers a DK system that focuses on design and innovation: DK Zero.

We are talking about an innovative window system with DK mechanism that allows to minimize the clutter of the rosette that, depending on the choice of the handle, could have round, oval, square or rectangular shape. It is equipped with UNI EN 13126-3 certification, certification of guaranteed durability for a minimum of 25,000 cycles. It can be assembled on new generation windows and it is easy to install. In fact, it needs less space.

Do not get caught unprepared! Contact us for more information.