DK ZERO is the innovative almost zero impact Dreh-kipp window system, which allows you to minimize the encumbrance of the DK rosette.

DK ZERO is easy to install, suitable for use on window fixtures equipped with micro-ventilation and adaptable to several models and finishes from Colombo Design collection:

DK ZERO mechanism can be also applied to Colombo Design ROBOTECH® handles’ collection:

DK Zero significantly reduces the size of the rosette which can have a round, oval, square or rectangular shape depending on the handle model chosen.


The DKZERO window mechanism complies with UNI EN 13126-3 standard, Durability certification guaranteed for a minimum of 25,000 cycles, each one with  0 – 90 ° – 180 ° – 90 ° – 0 sequence.

The installation requires a 20mm diameter hole perfectly centered on the handle spindle.

It is recommended to use a CNC machining center to carry  out the positioning and the drilling.

The complete product sheet “DK Zero” is available on Colombo Design website, while the tutorial Video “How to install DK Zero” system and “the promo video “DK Zero: all the beauty in one, minimal movement” are available on our Youtube channel.