Security, design and colour must be the basic principles of the new educational facilities.

School has always been a very complex issue and the outbreak of the pandemic has been an accelerator of unsolved problems.

The lack of interest in architectural design tends to replicate repeated and surpassed patters. Even if, in the last ten years, we could notice a certain interest in renovation, mainly dictated by serious and numerous incidents. Does renovation need an adequate information?

The classroom of the future

The classroom with lined up straight desks now represents an obsolete model that focuses on individuality and a passive approach to learning. So, it is evident the strong need to innovate through experimentation. Open spaces to every form of learning, that encourage participation and where planning and design play an important role. The intention is to create a space able to stimulate student ideas and thoughts’, by encouraging every activity and form of learning.

That’s why new educational facilities prototype should be based on these 3 basic principles.


Security to provide a healthy and secure educational space. To protect both internal and external security of every type of building Colombo Design offers window security sets DK Lock. Equipped with key-locked security, perfect for the protection of children, suitable for all handles and equipped with 1627:2011 certification.

Another important point for what concerns security is hygiene, especially in the last period. It is important to promote and spread good hygiene practices that more and more we got used to know and follow, focusing on the littlest ones. Colombo Design, to keep itself up to date, introduced a certified anti-bacterial coating Safe Touch, perfect for door and window handles inside a school, where children through touch learn to discover the world.


Modern and innovative design to encourage a form of active learning and participation. Design that must be dominated by innovative and sensitive to environmental issues materials, like the latest generation paints used in our new MOOD Collection of handles (equipped with UNI EN ISO 14001 certification.


Colour plays an important role in children’s life and it pushes them to discover the world. Some studies have demonstrated that activities that require more concentration prefer paler and cool colours, whereas daytime activities brighter colours. So, the classroom of the future could be with pale pastel walls and some colourful touches.

Our MOOD Collection handles are surely suitable to this type of environment. Available in a range of 12 colours, they give way to colour and creativity. The perfect formula for an environment dominated by the presence of children!

What do you think about? How should your classroom of the future be? Let us know here.