Among the important novelties that further implement the collection of handles produced by Colombo Design through eco-compatible production processes (as required by the Green Made company protocol), stands out “Ama”, the first handle in the world with a triangular shape.
Ama is signed by Andrea Maffei Architects, Isozaki’s partner in the design of the Allianz Tower within the Citylife project, which has changed, due to its height, the skyline of Milan.

Andrea Maffei, one of the protagonists of contemporary Italian architecture, talks about his handle: “To love (“AMAre in Italian): this is the secret to open all the doors of life. For this long journey, the form could only be absolute and universal as the origin of man. The triangle overcomes the challenge of time and for the first time translates into a handle, the object that opens and closes endless stories.”
[Door handle “Ama”, by Andrea Maffei]

AMA ambientata