Can colour change the style of a room? How can you apply colour theory in domestic spaces?

Among the various rooms we focus on to give the home a modern, up-to-date design, the bathroom is often put on the back burner. Trends are changing, however, and the bathroom is also starting to take on a key role in the interior design of the home.

Undisputed protagonists are colours and materials, which are used to enhance the design of each furnishing element. A well-organised and comfortable space, combined with the choice of colours and materials, define the atmosphere of the bathroom.
When designing the bathroom environment, another important factor to take into account when choosing colour is both natural and artificial lighting: a very bright room may allow dark colours, while a dimly lit one should favour light colours.

The three-colour rule

Have you ever heard of the three-colour rule? It is a conventional but effective method for decorating by balancing your favourite colours to perfection, regardless of the square footage of the room and its architecture or style. According to the three-colour rule you should

  • choose 3 colours that will become the protagonists of your built environment and that fit well together;
  • use the main shade for 60% of the furnishings, exploiting it especially for medium to large components by opting for a neutral colour;
  • use for 30% a second shade of your choice, preferring a colour that contrasts with the main one in order to create depth;
  • use for the remaining 10% the so-called accent colour that serves to characterise the environment even more by using it for finishes, furnishing fabrics, decorations.

A colourful bathroom is balanced and welcoming if you manage to use the right mix of colours and match them consistently.

Favour neutral colours and dare with the Bath Mood Collection

A bathroom with neutral colours is a “never again without”, a cosy and contemporary space that will convey great sophistication. Even a tone-on-tone bathroom played with neutral shades can have its charm and be a timeless authenticity within diametrically opposed styles.
Neutral shades are a very common choice for bathrooms, even though they can sometimes make the room look dull and flat. Don’t worry: all you need to do to give colour to the bathroom is to add colourful, well-composed and calibrated accessories that can bring back vibrancy and energy, without revolutionising everything. And which if not those of the Colombo Design Bath Mood Collection?
Inspired by the mesh line, these bathroom accessories become a compromise between aesthetic and functional requirements where colour becomes the undisputed protagonist. The bathroom enters the scene with originality and character, finding in colour a new visual language.

Available in a range of 8 colours, they can be matched tone-on-tone or contrasted. In addition, the high quality of the material and the use of the latest generation of paints are an expression of a renewed commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the waste of resources. This is confirmed by the UNI EN ISO 14001 ‘Certified Environmental Management System’ certification.
Are you still undecided on the colour combinations for your bathroom? Choose Colombo Design’s proposals for bathroom furniture!