The measure of intelligence is the ability to change when necessary.

(Albert Einstein)

During 2021, Colombo Design developed new projects, seizing with enthusiasm and creativity the opportunity of change driven by new circumstances. We took part in unprecedented and unmissable events, from Fuorisalone 2021 to Architect@Work, we echoed our savoir-faire with solutions skillfully designed to adapt to the space of those who live in it, a reflection of concrete experimentation and incessant functional and decorative research.

We are constantly looking at the future and have been able to catch the trends of the moment and to anticipate changes, keeping pace with the transformations now taking place in the world of design. Transformations dictated by the particular situation we are experiencing, focused on respect for environmental policies and sanitizing of surfaces.

The company philosophy, which is based on its productive and ecological essence, now elevates the very concept of transformation and change to the human factor. The epochal change to which we have been called has stimulated people’s creativity and enhanced their resources: it is not only design that finds its metamorphosis.

What change is possible?

The real and authentic one, the result of personal choices based on values: stable points of reference. Change is consolidated by breaking away from the comfort zone and constantly exercising new behaviors. Over the past year we have realized that we cannot remain anchored to old habits, but we must find alternative solutions that are revised and corrected over time.

The relationship with our partners has also been transformed: our collaborators, employees and sales force have synergistically developed a way of relating that certainly belongs to the past but which is now integrated with new digital communication tools. With effort, of course, but with the strength and determination that only far-sighted people can find. In Colombo Design we have many far-sighted people.

So, let’s get on with it. Our future is based on the awareness that we have solid foundations and that everything is becoming: we need to embrace change to seize opportunities.